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              1. Welcome to Zhejiang Bulk Chemical Co., LTD. website!
                ABOUT US
                Zhejiang Bulk Chemical Co.,LTD.(BulkChem) was founded in 2003, located in Quzhou City kaihua county, which is known as “the thoroughfare of four provinces”, with a registered capital of 39 million yuan.
                CONTACT US
                The sales department
                Mr Zhou:+86-15257003663 Mr Xu: +86-15257003773
                Tel:+86-570-6035071 Fax:+86-570-6030880


                News and Exhibitions
                Contact Us
                The sales department
                Mr Xu: +86-15257003773 Mr Zhou: +86-15257003663
                Phone: +86-570-6035071 Fax: +86-570-6030880
                E-mail: sales@bulk-chem.com
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